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Enya Keshet

Enya Keshet was born in Pardes Hanna, Israel. Her first experience in paper-cutting was an experimental one, when she created a papercut illustration for her daughters school project. Her acquaintance with a traditional scribe (sofer) led her to the idea of combining the art of paper cutting with the calligraphy of Megillot (scrolls).

In the recent years Keshet has channeled her creativity to designing ketubahs. Many of her ketubah designs are rooted in the Lisbon tradition, parchment originals, prints, and laser-cut designs.

Keshets artwork combines paper cutting with calligraphy and color illumination enhanced by gold leaf, all done by hand on parchment. In addition, she has developed a series of laser-cut reproductions of her paper-cuts, done in paper and wood. Keshet has exhibited her work at various shows and Judaica fairs in the United States.


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