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Your purchase supports the Museum’s mission.

Journey to America

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Paperback: 224 pages

A beautifully repackaged 50th
anniversary edition of Sonia Levitin's powerful classic story about a
young Jewish girl forced to flee her home, winner of the National Jewish
Book Award.

In 1938, Lisa Platt and her family know something
dangerous is happening in Germany. Lately, there have been more and more
restrictions for Jews: yellow stars they have to wear, schools they
cannot attend, things they are forbidden to do. When their neighbors are
arrested for petty reasons, the Platts realize they have to escape.

to bring money or possessions out of the country, Lisa's father
secretly leaves for America, planning to work until he can send for
them. But when conditions in Germany worsen, Lisa, her mother, and her
sisters flee to Switzerland to wait, surviving on what little they have
in a continent hurtling toward war.

Inspired by Sonia Levitin's
own experience of fleeing Germany as a child, this moving novel
chronicles one family's bravery in the face of aggression and apathy.