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Kibbitz Coffee Blend by Hebrew Coffee

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Also available in Chutzpah-Dark Roast

12 oz. ground coffee

Medium roast

OU Certified Kosher

Celebrating Jewish culture one cup of coffee at a time.

Kibbitz is perfect for mid-day drinking, not quite as strong or bold as our Dark Roast Chutzpah Blend, but still has plenty of flavor; complex and aromatic. Kibbitz is bright, vibrant, and has a smooth acidity to it that comes off clean. And as for bitterness? Bupkes.

You might detect some floral notes with sweet herbal and nutty overtones. Our Kibbitz comes custom-roasted and we craft it in small batches -- to ensure the finest coffee drinking experience for you!

Try this Jamaican blend in its full-bodied glory. Our Arabica gourmet beans are medium roasted, which strikes a perfect balance of rich flavor, sweet aroma, and moderate brightness.

Coffee has been a part of Jewish culture for centuries, all our blends are OU Kosher certified.