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Your purchase supports the museum's mission! Members always save 10%
Your purchase supports the museum's mission! Members always save 10%

Stacey Lee Webber Jewelry

Stacey Lee Webber Store showcases jewelry and accessories that are handcrafted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with unconventional materials, and low-impact, environmentally conscious practices. She focus on coins, screws and other everyday materials which are redesigned into upscale and witty wearables.

Stacey Lee Webber was born into a large family in the suburbs of Indianapolis Indiana. She grew up in an outspoken home with two vibrant older sisters accompanied by traditional, hard working parents. Growing up in a middle class family Webber was taught the value of a dollar through labor, loyalty, and work ethic. Webber earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metals under Patricia Nelson and a Master of Fine Arts in metals at the University of Wisconsin-Madison under Lisa Gralnick and Kim Cridler. Webber explored Milwaukee and Chicago before making a pivotal move to Philadelphia. In Philadelphia she has had an opportunity to focus on continuing her artistic investigations - working as a full time artist making sculpture and jewlery. Webber currently shares a live-in studio space in the Frankford area of Philadelphia at the Globe Dye Works Building with her husband, Joseph Leroux. Stacey Lee Webber exhibits her artwork internationally and tours America giving lectures, workshops and selling her work at trade shows.


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