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Your purchase supports the Museum’s mission.

Mitzvah or Shandah Conversation Card Game

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We created a hilarious conversational card game inspired by the High Holidays that you can play all year long with friends and family (recommended ages 13+ for some cards about alcohol, bris, and romance). It's great for family events, ice breakers, Shabbat dinner, or parties!

Pick a card, pick a side, and discover who the biggest mitzvah-doer is and who needs work.

  • You light candles for Shabbat but accidentally start a fire.
  • You go on Birthright and never come back to the US.
  • You never had a Bar Mitzvah, but you throw your dog a Bark Mitzvah.

Are those situations more mitzvah or shandah? And if you don’t know the word shandah, well that’s a shandah (Yiddish for shame or disgrace) . . . or is it?! Debate 100 hilarious situations inspired by Jewish life.

Then decide who in your group is most likely to do what’s described on the card, such as develop a crush on their rabbi, talk too much during services, or run out of food at an event they’re hosting.