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The Passover Mouse

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3-7 Years

32 Pages

In this charming and witty Passover story about
kindness, community, tradition, and forgiveness, a little mouse disrupts
a towns preparations for the holiday when it steals a piece of
leavened bread—or chometz—just as all the houses have been swept clean in time for the holiday.

the morning before the start of Passover, and all the villagers have
swept their homes clean of leavened bread, in keeping with the
traditions of the holiday. Suddenly, a small mouse steals a piece of
bread and tears through the town, spoiling everyones hard work. But
just when it seems as if the townsfolk will never be ready for their
Seder, the little mouses actions unwittingly bring everyone together,
to work as a group to save the holiday.

Jewish families at
Passover will embrace this rollicking, funny, and ultimately inspiring
story—based on an original tale from the Talmud—that weaves together the
themes of community, kindness, charity, and forgiveness. Its sure to
become a modern holiday classic thats shared year after year among the

An afterword discusses the story from the Talmud
that the author used as her inspiration and includes a glossary of terms
that will be useful to young readers.