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Your purchase supports the Museum’s mission.
Your purchase supports the Museum’s mission.

Explanation of Ketubah Texts

How to Choose Your Ketubah Text
In order to de-mystify choosing a Ketubah, and to make the selection as joyful as possible for you, we broke down our Ketubah text choices into a handful of different text options. Practically all of our designs are available with multiple text options, but the exact wording of Ketubah texts can vary from artist to artist. Be sure to look over the text for the particular Ketubah that interests you. We recommend showing your chosen text to your Rabbi or wedding officiant before making your final decision. Personalization is available for every Ketubah. This means that the artist, or the artist's calligrapher, will fill in a pre-existing text with your personal information. A completed personalization form is required for every Ketubah purchase. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on the ordering process.

The Orthodox text is the traditional Ketubah text. The text is written in Aramaic, with Hebrew script, and colloquially referred to as Hebrew. The English portion of the Ketubah is not a direct translation of the Aramaic, but instead is a more modern poetic text that also indicates the wedding details such as name, date, location, etc... The Aramaic/Hebrew portion is the same for every Ketubah but since the English portion is not a direct translation, the English varies depending on the artist. All of our Ketubot are available with an Orthodox text. Some may be available with or without an English portion. A few artists also offer an alternate Sephardic text version, which is the same traditional text with a few variations. It is always a good idea to check with your Rabbi or Wedding Officiant before finalizing your order.

Conservative (with Lieberman Clause)
The Conservative text is the same as the Orthodox text with the addition of the Lieberman Clause. This clause was introduced by the Conservative movement as an added protection for women entering marriage. All of our Ketubot have a Conservative text option, and all Conservative texts include the Lieberman Clause. The Aramaic portion is the same on all Ketubot, but just like the Orthodox text, the English is not a direct translation of the Aramaic and therefore varies depending on the artist.

Reform and Egalitarian texts are written in modern Hebrew and English. Each artist has written their own unique Reform or Egalitarian text, so there is a wide variety of choices. In all cases, the English text is a translation of the Hebrew. We have grouped them together in this category because of their similarities. Overall, Reform texts tend to include more Jewish content where Egalitarian may not. While all of our Ketubah designs are available with a Reform text, some artists include Egalitarian as a separate option to differentiate the two.

Interfaith, English only (and other modern and secular texts)
Couples of all faiths may find it meaningful to incorporate cultures and traditions into their marriage ceremony. English only texts serve as symbols of your wedding vows and as a treasured work of art. Each artist has written his or her own text, so there is a fairly large degree of variation in the wording that appears on different Ketubot. English only texts make few references to the Jewish tradition and are suitable for interfaith, same-sex, secular or non-religious ceremonies. The Interfaith texts make fewer references to the Jewish tradition and are suitable for interfaith marriages. The modern or secular texts may also serve as an interfaith or same gender text choice.

Quaker Marriage/ Wedding Certificate
While not technically "Jewish," Quaker marriage certificates are becoming more popular in states that allow self-uniting marriage ceremonies, and can also be a great secular or interfaith option. If you are having a traditional Quaker wedding in a Meeting House, you should check with your committee about whether your Quaker wedding certificate needs to have the traditional wording. Some meetings require the traditional certificate as part of the marriage process. Quaker certificates typically include signatures for the entire community to sign at the ceremony.

Same Sex/ Gender Neutral
Same Sex texts are written in modern Hebrew and English. Each artist has written their own unique words, so there is a wide variety of choices. In all cases, the English text is a translation of the Hebrew. These texts may be written with either gender neutral language or refer to bride/bride or groom/groom. While not all of our artists currently offer a separate option explicitly called "same sex," most Egalitarian, Secular, Humanistic or Modern English texts can also serve as (or convert easily to) a same sex text.

Download the Ketubah Form
Please fill out the Ketubah form and email to ('save as' to your desktop with your name as the file name) as soon as possible after ordering. You may also email at the above address or call us at 215-923-0262 if you have questions or need help with the ordering process.

Personalization is done at a cost of $75. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for completion.

Please contact us if you have any questions at all, we'd love to hear from you!
215-923-0262 or