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Joyous Haggadah Richard Codor

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The Illuminated Story of Passover

As told by Richard and Liora Codor

Paperback, 48 pages

What a delightful romp through the seder via this Joyous Haggadah! The multi-layered narrative and rituals in this haggadah appeal to the eye, the imagination, the funny-bone, and the occasion. Beginning with the prequel of the Joseph story, continuing until the Israelites gain their freedom, and ending with more symbolic rituals and song, the combination of telling the story and conducting the seder is presented clearly with charming and wacky humor (in both words and visuals). The cartoon-like illustrations not only enhance the story but will also add to a memorable and joy-filled shared family experience!

About the Author

Richard Codor makes a living drawing humorously. His illustrations appear regularly in Hadassah Magazine and he was editorial cartoonist for Crain s NY Business and NY Observer. His work is featured in the books The Big Book of Jewish Humor (Collins), All You Want To Know About Sabbath Service (Behrman House), and in Israel, the social satire classic, Zoo Eretz Zoo (E.L.S. Editions.) where he lived and worked for the Television Authority and Jerusalem Post. His storyboards are used in numerous multiethnic, politically correct and incorrect movies, TV and Internet media such as Doug , Lizzie McGuire , Robots and Queer Duck . He is a recipient of multiple Jewish Press Association/Rockower Awards for Cartooning and the first Charles Schulz Prize. Liora Codor is a senior staff photographer for Macy s and shoots for their national catalogs and advertisements. She was born in Haifa, Israel and ran her own successful commercial photography studio. She is also a realistic painter and still life photographer. A keeper of traditions, she and Richard are the parents of two and live in Brooklyn, NY.