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Your purchase supports the Museum’s mission.
Your purchase supports the Museum’s mission.

Nice Spread Lazy Susan

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$220.00 - $220.00
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18" Diameter

Solid wood, handmade in Iowa with original art screened directly onto the surface of the wood. Finished with multiple applications of polyurethane to protect the artwork during daily use. A functional, warm, and cheerful addition to your dining table or kitchen island.

Please allow 1 week for shipping

To care for your piece we recommend:

  • Use soap and water to clean your piece. 
  • Non-abrasive household cleaning products can also be used; however, avoid letting cleaning solutions and/or moisture sit on your piece for extended periods of time. 
  • Avoid direct contact with extreme heat and use hot pads for warm and hot dishes.
  • avoid excessive amounts of direct sun.