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Sefer Dawn Ketubah by Amy Fagin

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$454.95 - $559.95
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This contemplative Ketubah design reflects the dawning of each day.
This contemplative Ketubah design reflects the dawning of each day. With tender openness we awaken to the blessing of the marriage covenant, and the gentle loving-kindness which is embraced by the dawn hours. In keeping with the rich tradition of Torah ornamentation the illumination is wrapped in a delicate mauve Jacquard fabric. Sterling silver"Heart of Tears" closures clasp the booklet. Fine Japanese cords decorated with pearl, silver, and amethyst beads tie the hearts together. Each Ketubah includes a chrome on brass easel.

Opens to 10" x 16"

All rights reserved. Copyright by Amy Fagin.


Please fill out the Ketubah form and email to ('save as' to your desktop with your name as the file name) as soon as possible after ordering your Ketubah. You may also email at the above address or call us at 215-923-0262 if you have questions or need help with the ordering process.

Personalization means that the artist will fill in your Ketubah with information provided on your Ketubah form. An "unpersonalized" Ketubah means you will receive a Ketubah with blank spots where your information would be found. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for completion.

Looking for more information? Read our most frequently asked Ketubah questions.

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