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Your purchase supports the Museum’s mission.
Your purchase supports the Museum’s mission.

Shaloman Comic Books - Assorted Issues

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$3.75 - $15.95
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"The Kosher Crusader" arrives to help anytime someone shouts "Oy Vey!"

Philadelphian Al Wiesner wrote Shaloman comic books from 1988-1993. When Wiesner was young there were plenty of Jewish comic book artists, but there wasn't a Jewish main character. As an adult, Wiesner took his childhood passion for comic books and his love of Judaism and turned them into 'Shaloman' - a positive and educational message about what it means to be Jewish transmitted through fun and entertainment.

Shaloman comics are sold assorted, non-sequentially either individually or in packs of five.

For ages 12+

Style: Single Issue