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The Hanukkah Magic of Nate Gadol - Hardcover

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Arthur A. Levine
Kevin Hawkes

From an imaginative team come a new larger-than-life holiday hero who brings Hanukkah wonder and generosity to anyone in need!

Nate Gadol is a great big spirit with eyes as shiny as golden coins and a
smile that is lantern bright. He can make anything last as long as it is
needed, like a tiny bit of oil that must stretch for eight nights, a
flower that needs to stay fresh to cheer up someone ailing, or a small
lump of chocolate that grows to allow the Glasers to treat their
children over the holiday and, during a harsh winter when medicine is
needed more than sweets, spurs them to share what little they have with
the OMalleys. In this charming holiday hybrid story, well-known
childrens author and editor Arthur A. Levine pairs with award-winning
illustrator Kevin Hawkes to offer a mythical, magical take on the way
Jewish families came to give and receive gifts over Hanukkah, just as
their Christian neighbors do at Christmas, thanks to a loving spirit
named Nate Gadol working behind the scenes—together with a certain jolly
old soul.

  • Grade level

    Kindergarten - 3
  • Hardcover

    40 pages
  • Reading level

    5 - 8 years